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Permanent Gutter Repairs with Plygene®

Are you having problems with leaking gutters in your Commercial / Industrial unit?

Is stock protection a constant concern?

Have you tried to solve this through costly, but ineffective metal relining?

Does heavy rain mean you are dealing with indoor puddles, dampness, and an array of buckets collecting water?

Or maybe you’ve tried other makeshift indoor solutions to deal with it from the inside….but that wasn’t right or did not work?

Has there been even further damage done to the existing cladding in the process of trying to fix this?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions – We have the solution

What makes Plygene Gutter Relining different?

  • Prevents leaks for good.
  • Only tried and tested solution on the market with a 25 year Guarentee.
  • Flexible material enables alignment with existing gutter – Complete flexible seamless liner ensures no leaks and a complete seal.
  • No gutter Joints or points of failure.
  • Maintains gutter Water flow and volume
  • Much lower investment compared to high cost replacement of gutters.
  • No disruption to day to day running of your business.

Why use us?

  • Only Qualified and registered contractor in Ireland
  • 20 years experience in understanding and working with associated roofing and guttering
  • Full service support available – can do preparation, repair and maintenance work.

Engineered to Guarantee Leak Prevention

Unlike competitors’ general roofing products, Plygene Gutterline is a gutter lining system specifically engineered to restore and preserve gutter performance. Providing a 25 year guaranteed, seamless “gutter within a gutter” system, Plygene Gutterline offers a bespoke solution with minimal building disruption and is an effective alternative to full gutter replacement. It is the only BBA certified gutter lining system approved for the harsh rigours of the gutter environment. Through ongoing product development, the system components are designed to meet the challenges of all gutter configurations whatever their complexity. It is the leading system of choice providing complete peace of mind for contractors and their end clients.

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